Thursday, May 11, 2017

Chesebrough and Ceremony

Hi all,
We have one (1) meeting left in the year. It is the graduation ceremony. Bring your cameras, we hope the scouts will enjoy this last meeting, when our scouts move on to the next step in the scouting level. The meeting is at the church, and is set for the 22nd.

The last item of the year is the Memorial Day camping trip. If you have signed up and have not yet paid, please do so. We have a couple of families that want to go and all the spots are full. If you do not pay within the next couple of days or cannot go let us know. We can and will give it to someone that will be able to go.

We are getting all the food for Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning and lunch. If you are NOT getting into camp before 8:00 pm on Friday, please make sure you eat before you get to camp.

We will have a cook and clean-up schedule out very soon. We will also be looking for four (4) full propane tanks. So, if you have one please let us know.

We do NOT have a camp site assigned yet. They will not have that for us until we arrive. Just let them know what pack you are and they will guide you in. The best way in is from Santa Cruz. There is construction on both direction of the camp. We think the shortest wait time is from Santa Cruz. The gate will not be opened until 4:30 pm on Friday. Below are a few photos of the road just before the camp. From the Santa Cruz route the camp exit is on the left side.
What to bring:
(last year was the first time some of our folks have been camping. I'm assuming the same for this year, so I'm going to be overly detailed here just in case)
-Filled out medical consent form.
-Tent (note: a 4 person tent really fits about 2.5 people.  Go bigger if you can.  Borrow or WalMart)
-Tarp for the ground under the tent (recommended, esp if it rains)
-Inflatable mattress, especially for the grownups, is highly recommended from personal experience.  Target/WalMart works.  I have a car powered inflator you can borrow if need be, or you can get one cheap.  The mattress is for comfort, but more importantly to keep you from losing heat into the ground.  In the past, some parents were uncomfortably cold at night because they didn't bring a mattress.
-Sleeping bags, pillows
-Flashlight, esp if you're arriving at night and need to set up a tent in the dark (tip: pack so you can find it easily)
-"Camp stuff" if you have it (lanterns, etc)  You could bring your stove, but it probably won't be used.  We'll have a Coleman stove for hot water + 2 big propane grills.
-Camp chairs if you have them (they get a LOT of use)
-Bug spray, sunblock, hat
-Warm clothes for night and mornings (tip: bring a comfortable warm cap)
-Rain clothes just in case (Bryan got caught out in the rain with no rain clothes on his first Pico trip.  Be Prepared!)
-Bathing suit
-Sandals/Water shoes for midnight bathroom runs and playing in the river
-Sturdy shoes for hiking and walking around camp
-Cub scout uniform or class B (optional) for Sat nite
-Towels for shower
-Reusable cups/mugs/water bottles (there is a spigot nearby with potable water that we use for drinking and dishes.)  Something with handles that could take coffee/hot chocolate would be great.
-Reusable silverware
-Resuable plates.  We will have some disposable just in case, but let's try to reduce our footprint.
-Snacks for your group
-1 roll paper towels
-Drinking water if you don't want to drink from the tap (water is tested safe to drink)
-Musical instrument (some of us bring guitars and play at night, please join us)
-Filled out Firearms permission form (only if you want to allow your kids to shoot BB guns on the range)
-Pocket knives for the kids:  We bring bars of soap that the boys can practice whittling safely with their own foldable knives.  According to the Boy Scout guidelines, Wolves are eligible to use a pocketknife.  That means all of our former Tigers as well.  Once they 'pass' with soap, they can whittle sticks near camp.  I know, kids with knives and sharp sticks. :) If you don't think your son can handle the responsibility (and that you can keep an eye on them and reprimand if they aren't being safe), don't bring.  I have some bars from last year I'm bringing, but not enough for all, so bring your own bar if you have one.  Note: don't just let the kids go wild with the soap.  We will instruct, and also give them a good space to do it.  Every year the soap chips make a mess, we need to figure out a spot to designate for that this year.
-There is no alcohol allowed
Extra Cooler full of ice (block ice lasts longer) (email your den leader if you can bring)

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  1. Hi,

    I know this post is a little old, but I wanted to let you know that as of 2016, the privilege of using a pocket knife is for Bears and older.