Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pt Lobos Hike Saturday May 2nd 10:00 AM

Hello everyone,
We are hiking Pt Lobos this Saturday at 10:00.  Exact meeting place will be forthcoming.  If you plan to attend, please sign up on the blog.

thank you

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Family Camp Family Camp Family Camp!

Hello everyone,
Our next meeting is this coming Monday night at the church.

Family Camp at Pico is coming up soon.  So far only five families have signed up.  I am sure there are many more out there that want to go.  Please sign up by this coming Monday night, the night of our next meeting, so that we can begin planning.

This event is always the highlight of the year so please sign up.  If there are any questions, let us know.

thank you

Friday, April 24, 2015

Wolf Den final achievements and Summer Day Camp

Hi Wolf Den Families,
We have two meetings left before we break for the summer. I would like to award the boys their Wolf patch and advance them into the Bear den at the last meeting on May 11th. Please plan to attend this meeting.

On Monday April 27th, we will be working on Achievements 11 and 12 "Duty to God" and "Making Choices". Please discuss with your child your family's religion or spiritual beliefs, so they can share with the other boys.

Also, I sent an email out with any missing requirements for each child. Please check if you have completed them and let me know.

Finally, anyone who would like their child to attend "Summer day camp" at Toro Regional Park June 22-26th, please let me know. I am setting up a parent schedule so we can share the childcare. If interested, email me or speak to me at the next meeting. I can only ensure we are grouped together, if I know who is attending. Thanks.

See you Monday!


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pinnacles Hike CANCELLED and Pico Blanco Family camp info

The weather forecast for the Pinnacles calls for mid 80's.  So we are going to cancel our hike for Saturday and reschedule to a cooler time of the year.

Family Camp:

We have also added a page for the Family Camp over the Memorial Day Weekend at Boy Scout camp Pico Blanco. This family camp has always been one of the most popular events.  While it is still a month away, we need to commit soon in order to reserve our camp site.

If you want to go, please sign up asap.

The camp opens up Friday evening, and we can stay til Monday.  Families can come and go when they need to, though.  Many come Friday night, but several don't come til Saturday morning.  Most end up leaving Sunday afternoon, but several stay until Monday.

Cost is $45 per person, and includes food.  Kids under 5 are free,

In the past we have handled meals as a group.  The Pack purchases the main items for all meals and then we ask families to bring some of the side items needed.  We assign one or two families the responsibility of food prep and clean up, for each meal.

Participating in the group meal plan is not required.  If you would rather take care of your own meals and prep, just let us know.

thank you

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pinnacles Hike signup

Hello everyone,
Just we so know who plans to come to our hike this Saturday at the Pinnacles, I have added a signup page on the attendance roster.  Please add your name.

To coordinate our trip, please everyone plan to meet at Nob Hill at 9:00AM.

It will take an hour to get there, and probably 1-2 hours for the hike, so be sure to bring lots of water and food, perhaps even your lunch.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pinnacles Hike Saturday April 18th

Hello everyone,

We are planning a hike to the Pinnacles this coming Saturday.  Plan to meet at the West entrance to the park at 10:00 AM.  For those who want to car pool or caravan to the park, we plan to meet at the Nob Hill parking lot on South Main street in Salinas at 9:00 AM.

We will post a link with directions soon.

Please wear your Cub Scout Class B uniforms (i.e. the t-shirts).

We are starting to gear up for our big end of year event, the Family Camp at Pico Blanco.  We will put out more information and a sign up sheet in the next day or so.

See you soon,

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Next Meeting Monday April 13th

Hello everyone,
Our next regular meeting is this coming Monday April 13th at the Church.
See you all there.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Brunch Sunday morning after USS Hornet

After we leave the Hornet on Sunday morning, the Banks family is going to go to a Thai Buddhist temple in Berkeley for brunch.  We've been there twice, and I'd highly recommend it if you don't have other plans.  Bring cash, and plan on spending $10-12 or more per person.  Picky eaters may not have the best time, but our kids have managed pretty well with Pad Thai and some of their desserts.  It gets very crowded, but the food is good, as is the cultural experience.  It is a real working temple, so if you take off your shoes and go upstairs, sometimes they have monks chanting on a microphone while members hand them gifts of food.  Just seeing the huge gold Buddha is worthwhile.

1911 Russell St, Berkeley, CA 94703  10am-1pm

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

USS Hornet

The big overnight adventure on the USS Hornet is this coming Saturday!  If there are any questions let us know.

Here are some key items from the Hornet website:

Arrival Time
"Please make arrangements for your group to meet on the pier at the same time."
Our pack will be meeting on the dock at 4:00-4:30. We need our whole group to be present for entry at 5:00.

Sleeping Areas and other Facilities
Each group is assigned bunks in the ship’s berthing compartments. You will probably share the compartment with another group. Female guests may choose to sleep in a separate compartment. Please make your group aware they may experience normal ship noises, such as creaks and groans during the night.

Equipment to Bring
The berthing compartments are equipped with canvas covered “racks” with foam mattresses. Each person should bring a pillow, sleeping bag, and extra blanket in cold weather, toiletries, hand towel, flashlight, a jacket, and a warm hat in cold weather. Scouts are encouraged to wear their uniforms.

Please do not bring
Electronic devices, including hairdryers; laser pointers; knives; open flame devices, including lighters and matches; or food items.

A limited number of lockers are available to share in the berthing compartments. Each group can bring several locks to secure their valuables and personal belongings. The Aircraft Carrier Hornet Foundation is NOT responsible for loss of personal items.

Overnight gear is not allowed on the ship before 5:00pm and private vehicles are not allowed on the pier. Parking is available across the street and participants are expected to carry sleeping bags and other gear on board at the appointed time. The Live-Aboard Program is conducted in a fun-spirited, organized manner; falling in, stowing your gear, and following orders are all part of this unique and memorable experience.

Group ID
Wristbands will be issued upon arrival and must be worn at all times while on board the USS Hornet. The wristband gives you in-out privileges during museum hours on the second day.

Safety Drill
All participants must participate in an emergency evacuation drill. (MANDATORY)

From San Jose and I-880 Northbound: Proceed toward downtown Oakland and take the Broadway exit. At the end of the ramp, follow the signs to Alameda, turning right on Broadway and then immediately turning right on 7th Street. Go two blocks to Webster Street and turn right again, entering the Webster Tube (tunnel) to Alameda. (Alternate: Turn left on Broadway and left again to enter Tube under the freeway overpass.)

Alameda from the Webster Street Tube: After emerging from the Tube, follow the sign for Webster Street. At the corner of Webster and Atlantic, turn right onto Ralph Appezzatto Memorial Pkwy and drive approximately one mile. Turn left onto Main Street and then turn right onto W Pacific Ave to enter the former naval air station. At the intersection of Skyhawk St, turn left and drive to the end of the street. Turn right onto W Hornet Ave and proceed towards the cluster of large ships. Parking is located across the street from the pier. (See Detour instructions in the event of Tube closure.)