Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cancelling Rain Gutter and first meeting date

Hi Pack 93 families.
We will be cancelling the rain gutter regatta due to lack of participants, let try to do this fun activity sometime this year.

We are excited about beginning another fun year of scouting once school resumes. Our first Cub Scout meeting is scheduled on Monday September 11th at 6pm at the Church of the Good Shepherd. We look forward to seeing our  Wolves, Bears and Webelos and of course a group of new Tigers! 

We will have a table out for the back to school night at Toro Park Elementary on Thurs Aug 31st.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Reminder - Rain Gutter Regatta (Aug 12)

Hi Pack 93 families!

Quick reminder on the Rain Gutter Regatta 
(August 12 - 10AM)

Part engineering, part art, all fun!  
Catamarans made by the boys from recycled goods will compete in a derby-style event involving rain gutters and water.    

Lucy will be leading us on this.  
More details soon. 

Location TBD

Back to regular meetings September 11

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Summer Events: Hike on July 15th, Rain Gutter Regatta on August 12th; Labor Day Family Camp

Hi Pack 93 families!
Wow cannot believe how fast June flew by!  I hope you're enjoying all the adventures and the long warm days we've been having.

Quick note on the Pack's Summer Events:
1.  Cub Scout Summer Camp (completed June 19)
2.  Hike at Point Lobos (July 15 at 10AM)
3.  Rain Gutter Regatta (August 12 - more details soon)
4.  Labor Day Family Camp at Chesebrough (more details coming soon)

1.  Cub Scout Summer Camp - (completed June 19) A great time was had by all with marshmallow guns, an introduction into CSI and law enforcement, archery, and of course a day of summer splash!  Those firefighters sure know how to hose the kids down!  Missed it?  Keep an eye out for it next summer.

2.  Point Lobos Hike (July 15 - 10AM)
As a pack we did meet there back in April, but since many couldn't make it, a great chance to revisit a close favorite and earn one of the 8 patches in the trekkers patch series. 

Bring sun screen, and snacks, water. There is a lot of poison oak, so be aware.

It is a beautiful hike, if you have not done this one you will enjoy it a lot.

We are meeting at the first parking lot on the right after you enter the park. It is the area where the divers go so parking will be limited. You may need to park outside the park and hike in.

Walk along the road until you see the road fork, take the right fork down to the water, and that is where we start.

Al will be leading us on the journey.  Please update the attendance spreadsheet if you're attending.
See you then.

What is the trekker series? 
More info here -

3.  Rain Gutter Regatta (August 12)
Regatta - just hearing the word brings a wisp of excitement, a touch of class and elegance, a .... rain gutter?  

The boys and families will get a chance to compete for mastery and craftmanship as they make their own catamaran or trimaran style boat and float it down a rain gutter.  There are scout kits out there for this, but we'd like to take a more NorCal approach to it - laid back, recycled, and innovative.  
More details to follow soon.

4.  Camp Chesebrough Family Camp - Labor Day Weekend 
With the roads to beloved Pico Blanco still recovering, Camp Chesebrough (near Los Gatos) will be available this Labor Day weekend.

More details to come.  Council Dates are set as Sept 1 - 3

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cub Scout Day camp June 19 - 23

Hi everyone, 

Cub Scout Day camp is almost here. If you have not signed up there is still time, but you must hurry.

For June, the main event is the Cub Scout Day Camp at Toro Park.  This has been very popular with the boys each year.  The camp is June 19th-23rd.  

If you want your son to attend, please sign up right away.

Parent involvement is needed for day camp.  The parents are required to work 2 shifts if you boy is going to the camp at Toro Park. A shift is three hours each.

We have added a page for day camp to the Attendance Spreadsheet.  If your son is going, please add his name on the right side of the page so we know who is attending.

If you can help, please put your name in the time slots on the left side of the page.  If you want to do more than two slots, or if you want to be there all day, you are welcome to do so. Please contact Marilyn at

Toro Park
June 19-23
Toro Regional Park

Registration for Cub Camp is now open – please register today. Prices for camp increase 3 weeks before camp start date. Camps are open until they fill. Register online, in-person (at your local SVMBC BSA office), or via fax (1-408-280-5162).
A complete packet includes:
  1. a completed registration form
  2. health forms A/B (+ photocopy of insurance card front/back) for participant
  3. an indication of who is volunteering on what days
  4. health forms A/B (+ photocopy of insurance card front/back) for volunteer
  5. any additional supplemental forms like:
    1. tot-lot registration
    2. special needs form
    3. campership form
    4. youth staff applications
    5. staff agreement forms


Monday, June 5, 2017

Ceremony, and Thanks

Hi everyone.

Thanks again for a great year, and a fun ceremony.

We had a young scout at the ceremony that lost one of his favorite toys.

It's a fidget spinner; a small three-pronged device with ball bearings that has flames on it.
We believe that the boy set the spinner down during the ceremony and left it on one of the pews afterwards.

 Someone might have picked it up, perhaps thinking they just found a cool toy. The boy worked very hard for the money to purchase the toy & is very upset that it's gone.

Yes, lesson learned, don't bring toys to the meetings & pay attention to where you leave things behind. 

If anyone saw or has the toy please contact Paul Gokey at, and we will arrange to get it back to the young scout.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Chesebrough items.

Hi all,

Please remember to review the earlier post for items to bring to Chesebrough.

Also, if anyone has a propane tank that they could bring please email me to let me know that you will be bringing it, in addition extra ice is always needed.

Remembe to check the weather for this weekend and bring insect repelant.

My email is

See you soon.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Monday Night 22nd Big Ceremony

Hi All,

Just a quick reminder that this Monday night the 22nd, is our last meeting of the school year for scouts.

It is our advancement ceremony. It will start at the normal time 6:00pm, so please do not be late.

See you then.