Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Carmel Sandcastle competition Sunday Oct 4th

The sandcastle competition is this Sunday Oct 4th. We will meet at 13th and Scenic, which is the further end of the beach. Park anywhere you can along Scenic, the closer the better.

We will begin at 9am, early birds are welcome to start digging at 8am! The more the merrier, so come when you can. We have decided upon a Shark design.

Please bring large spades, buckets, any sand sculpting tools. Kids will get wet, so swim clothes, sunscreen, hats and shade if you have it. Bring lunch, water and snacks.

Please sign up on the attendance sheet on the blog so we know to look for you. Click attendance, then the link, then find the sandcastle tab and enter your name.

See you there!


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bear Den meeting Mon Sept 28th 6pm

Hi Bear Families,
This week we will continue to work on our carvings. We will finish our soap carving and begin our wood carving. Please have the boys bring their pocket knives and bars of soap from last week.

This will also be the first den meeting for our new 1st grade Tigers. The Bear Den will lead the flag ceremony again and also take an active role in welcoming the new Tigers.

Thanks, Lucy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Carmel Sandcastle Competition

Get your shovels ready Pack 93!

We are taking part in the annual Carmel Sandcastle competition on Sunday October 4th. The theme for this year is “Postcards from the Sea”. Ask your boys for ideas for a design. It can be any sea/beach theme. Think about what the boys can build themselves. Last year we did a giant octopus. We will select a design/idea the weekend before.

We will meet at 9am, plan to stay until around 2pm if you want to wait for the judges.
We took home “judges favorite” last year, but please let the boys know, we are just going to have a great time and don’t expect to win. The competition is very good!

Bring shovels, buckets, spades, trowels used for plaster or tile and anything that could be used to create a pattern. You will also need lunch, water, swim clothes, hats and sunscreen. If you have a shade tent, please bring it.

Let’s get digging!  


Monday, September 21, 2015

Next meeting Sep 28th

Hello everyone.
Thanks to those that came out for beach cleanup.  It was a fun time!  Make sure we got your name so we can get your son his patch, once they come in.

Our next regular meeting is Monday Sep 28th at 6pm at the Church.

For the new families out there planning to join, if you can bring your filled out application and the $60 dues fee, the Scout shop in Salinas will give you $8 in Scout Bucks to spend in the store for things like a handbook, or uniform items.  I must turn the applications in by Sep 30th in order for you to get the credit, so please bring those forms Monday night!

thank you

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Beach Clean Up

Beach cleanup is this coming Saturday at 10AM.  Only a few families have signed up so far.  Please sign up so we know who to expect.  Also let us know if you want to participate in the hot dog roasting.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Beach Clean Up Day Sep.19th

Sep 19th, California Coastal Cleanup Day will be held on Saturday.

Our pack will meet at Del Monte Beach off of Tide ave, above Natale's Auto Center. It is off of Del Monte ave, and Casa Verda way, see map below. We are meeting at 10:00 am.  I do not know if anyone will have bags for us or not, so please bring a trash bag or two, and maybe some gloves for picking up the trash. Wear Scout t-shirts, or Scout shirt please. If there is enough interest we can do hot dogs, chips and we will definitely have water.

There is a sign up sheet on the Attendance Sheet section of the blog, to let us know if you are planning on coming and if you are interested in dogs.

Bring trunks for the kids to play in the ocean after. "You know they are going to end up in it anyway."

Thursday, September 10, 2015

New parent night and regular Den meetings Sep 14th

Hello everyone, and especially to those new parents that have our website and Pack info.  We will meet at the Church this coming Monday night at 6:00 pm.  This meeting will serve as an orientation for those who want to join our Pack, as well as the kickoff of our Den meetings.

Hope to see you all there.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bear Cub first Adventure plus new meeting time!

Hi Bear Cub families,

I'm excited to begin another fun year of scouting with your boys. We have a great year planned, plus a few changes. The first Change is the new meeting time of 6pm, instead of 6:30. This will enable us to join with the other dens in our pack and practice the opening flag ceremony. Get ready boys, we will be leading this year!!!

I visited the first grade classes today and met some excited new Tigers. At our first meeting, we will be welcoming new Tiger parents who are coming to check out our pack and learn more about us, so please welcome them. Steve and I will be talking to the new parents.  Jessie has stepped up again to take our first den meeting, Thanks Jessie!

Pick up the new Bear book at the scout shop and take a look at the changes.  In the past we have worked on Achievements, those have been changed to Adventures.

This meeting we will be working on our first Adventure "Bear Claws" Please have the boys bring their pocketknives. (The Scout shop sells them, REI have a good selection also). We will be teaching knife safety, learning how to sharpen our knives and will be making our first carving. We will begin by carving a bar of soap. If you have an extra bar of soap at home please bring it, otherwise I will bring some extra and the band aids :)

Our first pack 93 outing will be beach clean-up at Del Monte Beach, on Saturday Sept 19th. I will post details soon.

See you Monday! (Sept 14th)


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dad and Lad Campout at Pico Blanco Sep 11th-13th

Hello everyone,
We got a little behind on sending out news, but the Dad and Lad camp out is just over a week away. We have had several people attend over the past few years and it has always been a fun event.  There is a meal option available for this camp out, for and extra $20 per person.  This has also been popular. The meals are served in the very nice main lodge.

The cost for the weekend is $40 for the youth and $20 for the parent, plus the $20 each for the meal plan if desired.

Click this link for the flyer for the weekend:


Because we are behind on signing up, if anyone wants to go I suggest signing up directly with the Council office.

I have added a page to the attendance spreadsheet just so we get an idea of who is coming, and so that those who are going know who else to look for.

thank you