Monday, July 28, 2014

Family Camp at Pico and August activity

Hello everyone,
Family camp at Pico over Labor Day weekend is coming up soon.  It begins Friday August 29th and ends Monday Sep 1st.  Cost if we sign up by August 1st, Friday, is $30 per person ages 6 and over.  Kids 5 and under are no charge.  After that it goes up to $35 for those 6 and over.

If you are interested in going, please sign up on the attendance sheet.  The Banks' have a conflict that weekend and will not be going.  Bryan was the one who bought the bulk food items for the spring campout.  If those going this time want to do the menu and food the same way, someone else will need to volunteer to be the food getter.

Details on the campout are at the link below:

For our August Pack event, we are planning a swim outing at the pool where the Foley's live.  We did this last year and everyone enjoyed it.  While the kids are swimming, we need to conduct a business meeting for the Pack.  We want to lay out a schedule for the next school year.  And we need adults to volunteer to coordinate some of these activities.  So it is very important for everyone who can be there, to attend.  We will put out more info soon. 

The pool event will be Saturday August 16th in the afternoon.

Thank you
Steve Tackett

Friday, July 25, 2014

Elkhorn slough Hike postponed

Hello everyone,
Looks like everyone is having a busy summer!  So we are going to postpone the hike to a date to be determined, when more people can make it.

Steve Tackett

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Elkhorn slough update, July 26th, Saturday

Hello everyone,
We are planning a hike at Elkhorn slough this coming Saturday, July 26th at 10AM.  So far only two families have signed up.  If you are planning on going, please sign up on the Attendance spreadsheet.  If we don't get any more interest by Thursday night, we will cancel and reschedule for later in the year.

Some upcoming events to think about:

Labor Day Family Camp at Pico August 29th to September 1st.
Dad and Lad camp at Pico September 12th-14th.

We are also working on an activity in August where we will plan out the upcoming year of activities.  More info to follow.

Thank you
Steve Tackett

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Elkhorn slough July 26th

Hello everyone,
Hope your summer is going well.

We had a great visit to the AMP TV studio.  Thanks to Lucy for coordinating.  They invited us back to film our own show, so stand by for details!

We had a wonderful time at Carmel beach as well.  Perfect weather!

For July, we are continuing our hiking series.  Next hike is one at Elkhorn slough.  We will do this on Saturday July 26th.  Time is not set.  We can choose.  I have added a page to the Attendance sheet.  If you plan to join us, please add your name and then if you prefer a morning start or early afternoon start, or have no preference either way.

We are still working on an August event.

The next Family Camp at Pico is around the corner though.  Labor day is early this year, so the camp is actually August 29th to Sep 1st.  The water front is supposed to be in place so in addition to archery, bb guns, and rifles, there should be canoeing and swimming.  We will start working on our plan for the camp soon.

I am going to put in a second order for our Pack t-shirts July 9th.  If you want one, and we would like all the boys to have one, please add your name to the Attendance spreadsheet to the Tab where it says Class B.

See you soon.
Steve Tackett