Thursday, June 4, 2015

Toro Day Camp June 22-26, and Family Camp Wrap up

Hello everyone,

Thanks to everyone for another great Cub Scout year!

The Pack tends to slow down a bit over the summer.  We will not have monthly meetings, but will plan an activity each month.  Look for details on those soon.  Regular Monday meetings will start again in September.

For June, the main event is the Cub Scout Day Camp at Toro Park.  This has been very popular with the boys each year.  The camp is June 22nd-26th.  If you want your son to attend, please sign up right away.  In the past there has been a deadline, and we are trying to find out what it is for this year.

For info on the Day camp, you can sign up by going in to the Scout Office on North Main Street, or online.

To print out a hard copy of the registration click  on this link.  Fill it out and bring it to the Scout Office.  Note, the Toro Camp is listed on the form as Santa Lucia North.

To register online, go here:

Click on the "Online Registration" link.

Please note you will need to fill out the Medical History form and the firearms form (for BB guns).

Parent involvement is needed for day camp.  We will need to provide one parent per four boys that sign up. 

We have added a page for day camp to the Attendance Spreadsheet.  If your son is going, please add his name on the right side of the page so we know who is attending.

If you can help, please put your name in the time slots on the left side of the page.  If you want to do more than two slots, or if you want to be there all day, you are welcome to do so.

Finally, we had a great time at Family Camp!!  We are always looking for feedback on how to make things better, so if you have any comments please email them to us. 

Thanks very much!