Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Food Bank Dec 7th

Hello everyone,

We are looking forward to volunteering at the Monterey County Food Bank on Saturday, December 7 from 9am-12. The Food Bank is excited to have our help and would like to know how many people they can expect. Please feel free to bring siblings or others and if you can RSVP to Kat Banks at hepkatswing@gmail.com, that would be great.

Scouts should wear their shirts and if your family wants to donate a fresh or frozen turkey or a bag of non perishable food, please bring it on the 7th.

The food bank is at 815 West Market Street.  Meet there at 8:45.

Thanks so much for helping others during your busy holiday season.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

4th grade Webelos Den options

Hello everyone,
So far there are only three inputs from the 4th grade families regarding a day time option for the Webelos Den.  If you haven't provided any input, please do so as soon as you can.  This is just an initial discussion topic.  If there is enough interest, we can look at it more closely as to exactly how it would work.

Go to the Attendance Spreadsheet tab on the blog, click on the link, and enter your preference.

thank you
Steve Tackett

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Upcoming events in December and Webelos Den structure

Hello everyone,

We had a great November with lots of activities!  Hopefully everyone was able to enjoy them!

For December, we are planning on volunteering at the Food Bank in Salinas, on Dec 7th from 9AM to 12.  More info will be coming out soon.

Our only Pack meeting will be Monday December 9th at 6:30 at the Church.  January is the exciting Pinewood Derby!  We will be giving the boys their car kits at the meeting on Dec 9th so please be sure to be there!

The following is for the 4th grade families:

The Pack has grown quite a bit over the past year.  We now have 18 boys total.  Growth is good, but with it come challenges.  Our Webelos Den, the 4th graders, is now at 12 boys, with another one or two interested that I know of.  The Den is the core unit of Cub Scouts, and ideally should be 4-10 boys.  Once it gets over that size, it can be challenging to manage. 

We are at that point now.  12 boys is a bit much for one den, and it is time to divide it into two dens.  We can do this where we all continue to meet at the same time, just going to different 'corners' during the meetings.  I have also heard from a couple parents who are asking about meeting at a different time, specifically after school, so this could be another way to divide up the 4th graders.  One group could continue to meet in the evenings as we have been doing, and one group could meet in the afternoons.  Since a couple parents have asked about that, I have updated our Attendance page in order to take a survey of all the 4th grade families to determine your preference.

Please go to the attendance page, and indicate if you want to continue with the evening group, or if you want to become part of an afternoon group.  We will review this input and determine the best course of action to take.  If this seems viable, we can do it that way.  If not, then we will stick with our current time and just divide the boys into two groups.

However we decide to do this, one thing is vital.  We must have more parental involvement to be successful.  We need more parents at the meetings who are taking an active role in running the meetings.  Please think about how you could help out.

Thanks very much.
Steve Tackett

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Asilomar Beach Tidepools Trip this Saturday

Hi all-
We're going to go Tidepooling at Asilomar State Beach.  Meet at the Toro 7-11 parking lot this Saturday @ 1:30 to carpool.  We'll probably get to the beach by 2:15 if you want to drive yourselves.  Low tide is at 4.  Dress warmly and wear sturdy shoes.  A change of clothes isn't a bad idea just in case.

Here's where we're meeting.  Park in the yellow (or nearby), and we'll go tidepooling in the circled area.

Parents, please come with your kids.  We won't be able to keep an eye on everyone in this environment, so we need some backup.

See you there!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pack meeting Nov 11th

Just a reminder we will be meeting at the Toro Firestation at 6:30pm Monday night. 

Boys, be sure to bring your handbooks.

Also, this coming Saturday is our Tidepool outing.  More to follow on that.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Parade meeting time

Hello everyone,

Noon is a bit early to meet since the parade does not start until 2pm.  Let's make it 1pm. 

If you are planning on participating please sign up on the blog right away.  I plan to email those who are going with any final updates, in case we need to adjust the meeting time further.  Right now I see just four families signed up.

thank you

Friday, November 8, 2013

Veteran's Day parade

Hello everyone,

For those participating in the Veteran's day parade on Monday, meet at the Stage in the Salinas High School parking lot at noon.  Boys should be in uniform.

Only four families have signed up so far.  If you plan on being in the parade, please put your name on our Attendance spreadsheet, so that we know who to look for. 

Monday night we will meet at the Toro Park fire station at 6:30.

See you then!

Steve Tackett

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Veteran's Day parade and next meeting Nov 11th

Hello everyone,

Our next events are planned for November 11th.  It will be a busy day for our Scouts.

We are planning to participate in the Veteran's Day parade in Salinas. That starts at 2pm.  We are working on the details as far as when and where we need to meet.  If you would like to join us for the parade, please click on the Attendance tab and enter your name.  This will just help us know who to look for when we meet.

That night is our regularly scheduled Pack meeting.  Many thanks to Pete Dickson who has volunteered to go over several first aid and emergency procedures for us.  For this meeting, we will actually be meeting at the Toro Park Fire station, but still at our regular time of 6:30pm.  For the Webelos Scouts, the things Mr. Dickson will be showing us come from the "Readyman" Activity pin.  Take a look at that Activity in your handbook.  I know at the last meeting not everyone had their books yet.  Please get your books and be sure to bring them to each meeting. 

We will put out more info on the Veteran's Day parade, as well as the address for the Fire station in case you are not familiar with where it is.

Please contact me with any questions!

Steve Tackett