Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nisene Marks hike update - July 13th or 14th

Hello everyone,

thanks to Hilda for finding out that the Park staff conduct guided tours at 2pm on Sundays.  I have updated the attendance spreadsheet to include this as a third option, in addition to the two choices of time on Saturday. 

In summary, our choices are Saturday July 13th in the morning or afternoon, or Sunday afternoon at 2pm.

Please click on the link below and update your choices.  So far only a few people have expressed interest.  Even if you can't go, please indicate that on the spreadsheet so that we know.



Thursday, June 20, 2013

July 13th Hike, August 3rd pool party

Our next two events are a hike on July 13th and a pool party on August 3rd.  The pool party will be at the Meadows at 1pm.

The hike is at Nisene Marks park. See this link for more info.


We'd like to get a good  head count of who is interested in each event.  Please click on the following link to our attendance spreadsheet and indicate if you will be attending.  For the hike, please select whether you would like this to be a morning event or an afternoon event.

Please make your selection for the hike in the next week or so, so that we can plan the details.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer schedule

Thanks to everyone for a great year of Cub Scouting!  We had an exciting time at Family Camp at Pico Blanco over Memorial Day weekend.  What a great way to finish out the year!  Congrats to all the boys who earned their Bear Rank.

For the summer we will slow things down a bit.

For June, we do not have any Pack events scheduled.  Cub day camp at Toro is going on and some of the boys are attending.

For July, we are planning a hike in the Santa Cruz area.  The tentative date is July 13th, Saturday.  Exact time is still TBD but expect a morning departure, due to the distance to get there.

For August, we are tentatively planning a pool event.  More details to follow.

If you liked the Family camp, or missed it and want to see what the fun is all about, there is another one over Labor day weekend.  More details will be out soon, but keep your calendar open.

We expect to resume our meetings September 9th.

All of the boys have advanced to the next level.  Our 3rd graders are now 4th graders and are considered Webelos 1 Cub Scouts.  Webelos last for a year and a half, midway through their 5th grade year.  At that time they can cross over to join a Boy Scout troop if desired.  There is a new handbook, new neckerchief, and new hat for the boys, so please stop by the Scout office and pick yours up.

Our second graders are now third graders, and are now Bear Scouts.  Same thing here.  New book, neckerchief and hat.

We will put out more information later in the summer as we develop a schedule for the next school year.  Input, and help, from all parents will be very important.  Please think of ways you can help make the Pack successful.

Have a great summer, and stay tuned for details.

Steve Tackett