Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tiger and Wolf Dens

Hi Tiger and Wolf Dens,

Our next meeting is Monday Oct 27th at 6:30pm. Please bring your Tiger and Wolf books with you, so we can record your sons achievements. Also, bring any Cubs applications or dues still not recieved.

Wolf Den
Jessie will be working on Achievement 3 "Keeping your body healthy". We will also be presenting the Bobcat badge.

Tiger Den
We will be working on Achievement 1 "Making my family special". Please ask your child to bring in their poster so we can share about our families. If you took a photo of the den last time, please print out and bring with you. I will bring sandcastle and popcorn pics, so the boys can add them to their posters.

We will also be presenting them with their first patch, the Bobcat badge! I will be handing over to your new den leader Paul (Bryce' Dad). Thank you for stepping up Paul. Fantastic!


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Carmel Sandcastle competition - Judges favorite!

Congratulations Tigers and Wolves for a job well done!
Lots of hard work and a great team effort.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Cub Scout meeting Oct 27th

Hello everyone,
Our next meeting is Monday Oct 27th at 6:30 pm.

We have a few upcoming activities as well.

On Tuesday November 11th, Veteran's Day, we are going to participate in the Salinas Veteran's Day parade.  We did that last year and had a lot of fun.

Our next hike will be at Elkhorn slough on Saturday Nov 15th. 

We were assigned the weekend of April 11th for our overnight adventure on the retired aircraft carrier USS Hornet, in Alameda.  More info will be coming, but please mark that date on your calendar.

See you Monday!
Steve Tackett

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Popcorn Sales at the Home Expo Oct 18th and 19th

Hello everyone,
Thanks to Doug Toby, we are going to have a booth at the Home Expo held at the Monterey County Fairgrounds this coming weekend.  This is a great chance to sell a lot of popcorn and earn money for the Pack and the boys.

I have added a page to the Attendance signup spreadsheet.  If you think you can help sell please sign up.

I know this is a hectic weekend with the Harvest Festival at Toro school on Saturday and the Sandcastle competition on Sunday, but if you can spend an hour helping sell popcorn that would be much appreciated.

Please sign up if you will participate in the Sandcastle competition as well.  We need an accurate count to know if we have enough people for this event.

Steve Tackett

Monday, October 13, 2014

Carmel Sandcastle competition

Carmel Sandcastle Competition

Hello Everyone,

We are planning to take part in the Carmel Sandcastle competition this year. Each year the competition has a theme. This year's theme is "commotion in the ocean". If you plan to come, please sign the attendance spreadsheet, click on Carmel Sandcastle tab and sign up. If you have ideas of what we could build put your idea next to your name.

Please bring any shade you might have, spades, shovels, buckets, sand molding tools and sunscreen.

We will plan to meet at the 13th Ave end of Carmel Beach from 9am.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cub Scout Meeting Monday Oct 13th

Hello everyone,
Our next meeting will be Monday Oct 13th at 6:30 at the Church.

See previous post for Wolf and Tiger den activities.

The Webelos will be working on the Traveler Activity badge.  Please review that section in your Webelos handbook.

For the new Tiger and Wolf families, please bring your completed Scout applications to the meeting on Monday.

Thank you
Steve Tackett

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tiger and Wolf Den activity for Monday Oct 13th

Hi Tiger and Wolf Cub families,

Our next meeting is Monday Oct 13th at 6:30pm. Please make sure you bring your new Tiger or Wolf handbook so you can keep track of your son progress.

Wolf Den

Last meeting we worked on 2e and 2g, which completed the second achievement.  Please sign off that requirement.

This meeting we will work on Achievement 1 “Feats of Skill”, which should be fun. We will be very active so please wear runners or something with grip. Jessie will be leading this month’s meetings for me, so I can continue to help the new Tiger Den. Thanks Jessie!

Tiger Den

Your kids have almost completed the Bobcat Trail and are almost at their first badge. Go over the Bobcat Trail with your son, I’m going to test their knowledge!

We are going to work on Achievement 1 “Making my family feel special”.  We will make a poster about our families.

Please have your Tiger bring in any pictures of family members or pets or pictures that represent their family. It can be anything! I will bring poster paper, glue and a few stickers.

See you Monday!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Laguna Seca Bike Ride Wednesday Oct 8

Just a reminder for those interested in going to the bike ride.  See previous text for info.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Laguna Seca Bike Ride and other events

Hello everyone,

Our upcoming schedule for the next few months is listed here:

Pack/Den meetings
We will meet at the Church at 6:30 on Mondays:

Oct 13th and 27th
Nov 10th (only one meeting in November due to Thanksgiving break)
Dec 8th (only one meeting in December due to Winter break)

Laguna Seca Bike Ride, Wednesday October 8th

Our next event will be on Wednesday October 8th at Laguna Seca.  We will participate in the twilight bike ride.  Cost is $10 per person.  Thanks to Hilda for organizing! The event begins at 5:30 and goes to 7:30.  

Basic info is as follows:

Once you've committed to the track though, you can't turn everyone needs to understand that. It's 2.238 miles and you can go around as many times as you want during the 2 hours. There is a "paddock and pit" area to ride around in for those who don't want to ride the track.  Kids as young as  kindergartner make the hill at the track. There are also a lot of people who can't and simply push the bike up. All kids need to be with their parent/guardian or have a waiver form signed by the parent/guardian.

Carmel Sandcastle contest Sunday October 19th

Basic info on the event is at this link.  We will publish more info as we get it.

Elkhorn Slough Hike Saturday November 15th

This hike is part of the Monterey Bay Trekkers series that we have been doing.  We will meet at 10:00 at the visitors center at the Slough.

Thanks for joining us in Scouting!
Steve Tackett