Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dad and Lad campout

Hello everyone,
A few folks have signed up for the Dad and Lad campout.  In order to get the lower price for the kids, I need to sign us up by the end of  Friday, Aug 29th, so if you want to go, please sign up right away.

thank you

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Campouts and the new Scout year

Hello everyone,
Thanks to the many people that came to the pool party.  I think the kids had a great time, and we had a great planning meeting.  We will be updating the calendar shortly.  Lots of info here, so scroll down for details.

Pico Labor Day Family Camp
It does not appear that there is interest in the Labor Day Family Camp.  No one has signed up and discussions we have had don't show interest.  So there will be no further planning for this event.

Dad and Lad
Another great camping opportunity at Pico is the Dad and Lad campout.  This will be Sep 12th to 14th.  Dad can be any male relative, like an uncle or grandfather.  Several of us went last year and it was a fun time.  Cost for the adult is $20. Cost for the child is $30 if we sign up by August 30th, or $40 if after.  A meal plan is available as well, for an extra $20 per person.  Last year we all did this and it was great! 

I have added a page to the Attendance sign up sheet.  If you think you would like to go, please sign up.

Resumption of Monday night meetings
We will resume our Monday night meetings on Sep 8th.  These will continue to be at 6:30 at the Church of the Good Shepherd.  We meet the second and fourth Mondays, in general.

Beach Cleanup
We are tentatively planning to participate in the Coastal Cleanup on Saturday September 20th. Details will be coming soon.

Popcorn Sales
The Pack participates in the Cub Scout popcorn sales drive to help raise funds for our activities.  At our first meeting on Sep 8th we will be going over details of our popcorn sales plan.  Thanks to Doug Toby for agreeing to spearhead our effort, as our unit popcorn 'kernal'!

Thank you and we will see you all soon!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pool party this Saturday, 16 Aug

Hello everyone,
If you plan to come to our pool party and planning meeting, please sign up.  The pool is in the "Meadows" subdivision off Corral, and you have to have a code to get into the gate.  I will be emailing the code to those who are coming.  We will not be posting the code due to security issues, so please sign up.

I want to emphasize again we really need as many people there as possible, as we discuss our plans for the year.

thank you
Steve Tackett

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pool party/family camp

Hello everyone,
So far only a few people have signed up regarding the pool party/planning meeting Saturday Aug 16th, just a week a way.  Please sign up so we get a good idea of how many will be there.  Please try to make it.  We need everyone's input and help to have a successful year.  The party starts at 2pm.

The sign up sheet for the Pico Labor Day weekend family camp is still up as well.  So far no one has signed up.  If anyone is planning on going, please sign up. 

Thank you
Steve Tackett

Friday, August 1, 2014

Pool Party on Aug 16th, and Labor Day weekend Family Camp

Hello everyone.
I do not see that anyone signed up for the Labor Day family camp by the early deadline.  The cost now has gone up to $35 per person, ages 6 and over.  You can still sign up.  Please do so if you would like to go.

We are having a pool party and planning meeting August 16th at the community pool where the Foley's live off Corral de Tierra.  We will pass out the gate code and a map later.  We want everyone to attend.  We would like to use this time to plan out our activities as a Pack for the next school year.  Our goal is to have a list we can hand out at school showing the kids the things we will do.  For the Pack to be successful we need all parents to chip in.  We would like you to consider this event 'mandatory'.  We really need your help to plan and your help to organize the events.

Our older boys are now 5th graders.  Toward the end of the next school year they will graduate from Cub Scouts, and join a Boy Scout troop if they desire.  As our boys transition, Bryan Banks and myself will also transition, so we need parents from the younger Scouts to step up and fill the roles we are currently filling.  Please think of what you could do.  We will help, and there is a lot of training available.  You won't be doing this on your own.

I have added a page to the Attendance spreadsheet for the pool party.  Please sign up.  We will have snacks and drinks available, so we need to know who is coming.

Start time cannot be earlier than 1pm.  I am proposing a 2pm start.

thank you
Steve Tackett