Friday, March 28, 2014

next meeting April 7th

Hello everyone,
Our next meeting will be April 7th.

This is different from our normal second Monday due to spring break.

See you there!

Steve Tackett

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Meeting Monday 24 March

Hello everyone,
Mary Catherine Malley has been leading our Citizenship badge activities:

We had a great start to the Citizenship badge and belt loop at the previous meeting. We continue on this topic for the next two meetings. The Citizenship badge is important for advancement in Cub Scouts. In the Cub Scout Promise, the boys say that they will do their duty to their country, meaning that they will be a good citizen. (See page 146 of the Webelos book.)

For Monday 3/24:
1. Please print out the attached chart for the boys to begin doing one or more jobs at home to help to make a positive impact as a good citizen within the home community. The boys will need to do their job(s) for one week. It does not matter what day they start, just that they complete the tasks during one week - and beyond hopefully.
2. This meeting will focus on aspects of citizenship as it relates directly to the boy in his home, school community, church, and local community. We will focus on pages 155 to 159 in the Webelos book. Please read and think about What Makes a Good Citizen? on pages 158 and 159. If your son finds photos of people acting as good citizens, please bring them along to use on the posters, discussed below.
3. Each boy will make a small poster about how he is a good citizen and/or what he thinks makes a good citizen. I will bring photos for the boys who were in the Veterans Day Parade, helped at the Food Bank, participated in the Ready Man badge at the Fire Station with Mr. Dickson, or went for the hike at Asilomar. Please bring any other photos of your son that you believe relate to his role as a good citizen, whether the photos are from Cub Scouts or any other activity. If you have good photos of your son or other boys on other scouting events, please bring them. It would be great if you could bring some for the boys to use on their posters.
4. Mrs. Hayes agreed to hang the 4th and 5th graders posters up at school. Part of the Citizenship belt loop is a requirement that the boys participate in a community service event. If your son participated in one of our scouting events or one of the school service events, this requirement will be met.
5. I will have titles and words printed out regarding citizenship that the boys can glue onto their posters. I also have flag stickers, etc. If you have any ideas such as words, stickers, stamps that you would like to contribute, please bring them along. We could use additional glue sticks. If you could bring one for your son to use, that would be helpful.
6. If you did not make it to the last meeting, the boys had fun learning the information on pages 148 to 154 of the Webelos book. The information is very straight forward. Would you please go over these pages with your son sometime in the next several weeks. If possible, we will have a flag folding station on Monday for any of the boys who missed this fun activity last time.

Thank you for your help. If you have any questions, ideas or advice, please send an email or give me a call. 676-3214
Mary Catherine Malley
Reminder that our hike is on Saturday.  See earlier posts for more info.
And we have a committee meeting Sunday at 6pm at my house.  Anyone is welcome to attend.
thank you


Monday, March 17, 2014

Wilder Ranch

Hello everyone,
Thanks to Lew Anderson for getting info on the park.  Here is a link to Wilder Ranch, and a link to a map showing directions.  We will meet at the Park Station at 1788 Coast Rd. Santa Cruz, CA 95060 at 1pm Saturday March 22nd.

This link is to the park brochure:

There is a $10 per car parking fee.

Hike Stats: This hike takes you by the coast. You will see many types of animals and historic ranching operations.  The trail we will be doing is the  Old Cove Landing Trail.

Distance: 3.5 miles round trip

Time: Allow 1-2 hours

Grade: Mostly flat


On a separate note, on sunday March 23rd we will be having a Pack committee meeting at my house.  If you are interested in helping plan the kinds of things we do, you are welcome to attend.  It will be at 6pm.

And our next meeting is March 24th, Monday.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wilder Ranch Hike 22 March

Hello everyone,

Our next event is a Pack Hike in a week, on Saturday March 22nd.  We will be going to Wilder Ranch.

This is part of the Trekkers series we are working on. If you want more info on that, click this link.

Information on Wilder Ranch is in that document as well.

We will meet at 1pm at Wilder Ranch.  Details to follow.  Just to get an idea of who will be going on the hike, I have added a page to our Attendance spreadsheet.  If you plan to go, please sign up.  Not required, but that way we know who to look for.

Our next regular meeting will be Monday March 24th at 6:30pm at the church.

thank you
Steve Tackett

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Meeting info for March 10th

Hello everyone,

We will be working on several aspects of the Citizenship badge and belt loop at tomorrow's meeting.

While the boys are doing that, our District Executive, Renee Forrest will be addressing the parents about the Friends of Scouting program.  This is a fundraising effort on behalf of the local Council we are part of.  These funds go to support the professional staff, and the camps and other activities that are provided by the council.  None of these funds go directly back to our Pack.

For the Citizen Activity badge, Mary Catherine Malley will be leading our program.

1. We will be teaching the boys about the US Flag, including how to fold, hang and dispose of a worn-out flag. Do you have a flag that you could bring to the meeting for us to use? I would like to have up to 6 flags. I think Good Shepherd has a flag pole. I will ask them if we can use it.

2. I would like to divide the boys into groups and allow them to rotate through the different aspects of the Citizenship tasks to cover during the meeting. Would you be able to help to run a station?
(If you are available, I will send a separate email to you about the task that I would like you to do.)

3. Take a look at the Citizenship badge in the Webelos Handbook. The information is very straightforward. It lays out clearly the tasks that we need to teach the boys over the course of several meetings.

4.For the Tiger Scouts, look at item 2D.  It talks about doing the flag ceremony.

Thank you for your help. If you have any questions, ideas or advice, please send an email or give me a call. 676-3214

Mary Catherine Malley

Friday, March 7, 2014

Meeting March 10th

Hello everyone,
Our next meeting is March 10th at the Church at 6:30.

I made an earlier post about training.  Is anyone planning to go?  It is vital that we get additional adults to attend, particularly from the Tiger parents. If we can get at least one Tiger parent to attend that would be very helpful.

We are planning a hike to Wilder Ranch Saturday March 22nd.  This is another of the area hikes that we have been doing, and the boys will get another small patch to go with the large center patch.  I would like to ask one adult to lead and organize the hike.  We are planning on meeting at 1pm.  Please let me know if you would like to organize.

thank you
Steve Tackett