Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Archery this saturday

Event is at Jim Cox Archery 28 Quail Run Circle Suite D in Salinas.  Meet there at 8:45 am this Saturday the 22nd (they have a small shooting range in back, so we're going in early to avoid crowds.  They're actually opening up the store early just for us).
Bows will be provided.  Since space is limited, we do request scouts only, no siblings.  $5 fee per child. 8 year old minimum age.
Hope to see you there!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Archery event and Den meeting

Hello everyone,

Based on input to our request for the best dates/times for the Archery shoot, Dec 22nd at 9:00AM is the choice.  We will provide directions shortly, but the location is in Salinas.  The cost is $10 per boy.  The Pack will pay half, so you need to bring $5.00.  Because of limited size inside the facility, this event is only for the boys, no siblings.

We will also be meeting this week, on Wednesday, Dec 19th, for our next den meeting.  We will be at the Church at 6:30.  Please make sure the boys bring their handbooks.  We will be reviewing them for signoffs of things we have gone over so far.

We will also be handing out kits for our special event in January, so please try to attend!

Monday, December 10, 2012

University of Scouting

Hello everyone,
For those of you looking for more leader training, there will be an all day training session up in Santa Clara on Jan 26th.  It is very good and offers quite a bit at both the Cub Scout level and the Boy Scout level.  There is a fee, and the early registration deadline is Dec 15th.  After that the fee starts going up from $20 to $25 and then $30.  Check out the link and see if you might be interested.  The first link lists the date, time and location.  The second link lists all the training available.

(this second link is at the bottom of the page you see when you open the first link).

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Archery date selection

To try to find the best date and time for our December archery event, please click on the link and enter your choices.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Archery event

We are planning an archery event for December.  After talking with the owner, he suggests Saturday at either 8AM or 4PM.  The two dates we are looking at are Dec 15th or Dec 22nd.  School ends on Dec 21st. 

Our thoughts are to select the 9AM time as that gives families the rest of the day for their own activities.

If anyone has thoughts on the time or date, let us know.  Please send us an email.

Steve Tackett

Monday, December 3, 2012

December Den meeting

An earlier post said we would meet Dec 5th and 19th.  Due to some planning changes, we will NOT meet Dec 5th.  Our next Den meeting will be Dec 19th.

At each den meeting we are working on the achievements needed for the next Cub Scout Rank.  For the third graders, this is the Bear badge.  For the second graders it is the Wolf Badge.  There are 24 possible achievements, for the Bear rank, of which the boys must complete 12.  To ensure everything is recorded properly so that the boys get credit for completing achievements, please make sure the boys bring their handbooks to each meeting.  We will check for any signatures that parents have entered in the book, as well as sign off things we work at during the meetings.  So please, make sure the boys bring their handbooks do the meetings!

We are still planning an archery event for December, but have not yet completed the details.  We will post more information soon when we get it.