Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mistletoe Selling Saturday Star Market 10am-12 noon

Hi Pack 93 Families,
We managed to put together 200 bundles of mistletoe at our last meeting. All we need to do now is sell it! Each family took 5-10 bundles to sell to friends and neighbors.

We have arranged to sell at Star Market in Salinas on Saturday Dec 3rd and Dec. 10th from 10am-12 noon and we are working on selling at Del Monte shopping center Dec. 10th. We have an attendance sheet for you to sign up and help. You can also join together with other den members and sell in your neighborhoods.

Please remember this is the only fundraiser we are doing this year so equal participation is much appreciated. This is a great opportunity to let your child interact with adults and work with his other pack members as a team. He will learn how to fund raise in a polite manner and how to thank people for supporting the pack.

Go Pack 93!

Thanks, Lucy.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mistletoe gathering Sunday Nov 27

Hello everyone,.

We will be gathering mistletoe to sell for one of our fundraisers.

We will meet Sunday at the Casa de Fruita store.  The exact time is still being coordinated.

Once we meet, we will have to drive up a road that is very rough, and NOT SUITABLE for small cars.  You will need a truck or SUV to make the trip.  Because of this, we may need to carpool beyond Casa de Fruita.  It is about an hour drive each way from our meeting spot.

We need someone (or two) to bring a ladder.  If you can do this please let us know.

You will also need to bring food to eat.

Because we may need to work out details last minute, it is imperative that you sign up on the blog that you are coming. 

Thank you
Steve T

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Square Account

Hello everyone,

Many of you may have noticed emails from our Pack Square account.  As you know, Square accounts allow us to send out invoices and receive payments, electronically.  Many of you like the convenience of paying this way and not having to worry about checks or cash.

For those new to the Pack the Square invoices that come via email may look unusual, so we wanted to post this to let you know we do send invoices this way.  When you receive an invoice, you can pay it electronically, but you do not have to.  You still have the option of bring a check or cash.

If you are ever unsure if a Square invoice is really from us, you an always check with us before you pay.

thank you
Steve Tackett

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Next meeting and NO Veteran's Day Parade

Hi everyone,
We will NOT be participating in the Veteran's Day parade in Salinas this year.

Our next meeting will be Monday November 14th.

thank you
Steve T